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Fee Structure

Once we connect you with a trained tax expert, they will begin discussing your current tax scenario, concern, or situation. Without actually preparing your tax return, your tax expert cannot quote you on a price because our pricing is based by form.

In order to understand the full extent of forms your tax return requires, the preparer will need to fully prepare your tax return using the documents you load to their portal. 

Here is an example of what a tax return could be priced as:

Tax Scenario: Single Taxpayer with 1 W2 form

Form 1040: $300

W2: $75

Total Prep Fee: $375

Tax Scenario: Taxpayer with 2 Dependents and Schedule C

Form 1040: $300

Dependents: $50 (2)

EIC Checklist: $75

Schedule C: $200

Total Prep Fee: $675

*Ask your tax preparer for an itemized fee breakdown once your tax is prepared.

*Your taxes will not be filed until you sign and authorized the bank product form (should you choose to opt in). 

*Your fee disclosure will always be included in your signing package and must be reviewed by the you (taxpayer) and/or spouse if applicable.

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